ImnP (I am not Plastics) Initiatives, started by Khushi Kabra, focus on driving awareness, advocacy and adoption of better alternatives to plastics. Despite increasing awareness about plastic pollution and its harm to our environment, global demand for plastic continues. The sustainable approach to drive impact is to create awareness about environment friendly alternatives – Compostable Plastics. The initiative aims to break myths about compostable plastics and degradable plastics. ImnP initiative is an awareness campaign which helps us fight plastic pollution to enable sustainable living for us and future generations. Its high time that we rethink about plastics.

Reduce plastic waste
created by consumer


Create Awareness  about
sustainable alternatives


Build Advocacy about
eco-friendly options


Build a
Sustainable Future

Core ImnP Team

Khushi Kabra

Khushi is one of the core member of ImnP Initiatives.Khushi aims at creating awareness about sustainable alternatives to reduce the plastic pollution caused by world’s addiction to single use plastic with severe environmental consequences. Khushi is driven by her passion to maintain environmental biodiversity and drive sustainable living. Khushi has been actively conducting various events of ImnP initiative in and around Mumbai