ImnP comprehensive collateral chest driving awareness anywhere and everywhere. Let’s create sustainable future


Khushi Kabra partnered with Noble Plus to train the staff member for driving awareness compostable plastics in Mumbai to various daily users.


Khushi Kabra continues the awareness drive in and around Mumbai at various Di Bella Coffee outlets about Compostable Plastics

awareness at phoenix market city

Khushi Kabra led an awareness session for 100+ women at inglot in phoenix market city at Kurla with her team member Dhruvi Ved.

awareness at phoenix market city

Mall Awareness Drive – After grocery, malls are big users of plastic bags & that’s what our core member Khushi Kabra aimed for this weekend awareness drive.


Community Awareness – Khushi Kabra explaining the plastic pollution menace and building awareness about right alternatives in Mumbai

Awareness at school

School Awareness Drive : Enabling future to make right choices about future with right knowledge.


Grocery Awareness Drive – Khushi Kabra, ImnP Member, led an awareness campaign among Mumbai grocery shopkeepers and shoppers.

Plastic Awareness

ImnP Core Member ‘s Khushi Kabra creating awareness about Plastic Pollution and Sustainable Alternative on the eve of Independence day.

People who support us


Thank you Dibella Coffee for extending your Support to Khushi Kabra’s Iamnotplastics ( ImnP) Initiative

I am not Plastic Initiatives

Thank you Major brands for extending your Support to Khushi Kabra’s Iamnotplastics ( ImnP) Initiative.

Orion School

Orion school appreciate Khushi Kabra for driving awareness among student about compostable plastics for garbage free India. Thanks Orion School for supporting us


Thank you Noble Plus for extending your Support to Khushi Kabra’s Iamnotplastics (ImnP) Initiative.

Thank you Raymon Kakar for Khushi Kabra’s Initiative. The encouragement & support keep us going. Let’s drive compostable plastics adoption to reduce plastic pollution

Watch Rima Kapadia from Oceana Clutches & designer of latitude fashion extending support to Iamnotplastics Initiative

Thank you Krystle Dsouza for extending your support to this initiative. It’s encouraging to see you all joining hands to reduce plastic pollution. Compostable Plastics is the way to sustainable living.

It’s so heartening when your vision is shared by who’s who of B-Town. We are honored to have the support of Sudhanshu Pandey for ImnP vision – Right alternative for right living -Compostable Plastics. Our Planet, Our Responsibility.

Prachee Pandya, Guinness world record for kathak dance & actress, extend her Support for Khushi Kabra’s Iamnotplastics Initiative. Its empowering to see the support and faith demonstrated in the initiative.

School Awareness

Khushi’s School Awareness had volunteers and it’s great to see them driving awareness about compostable plastics.

Ladies community awareness

Khushi community drive has inspired ladies to not only adopt compostable plastics but also to drive awareness among others.